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Toot and Tut: With Nuttin' in Kommon

Toot and Tut: With Nuttin' in Kommon

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Long ago, Toot, Tut, and Mum were just like you and me. They laughed, cried, sneezed, and passed gas just like the rest of us. Then, something terrible happened: they died. Their father tried to bring them back with the help of an underachieving alchemist, but the alchemist bungled it and made them immortal instead!


Now, they laugh, cry, sneeze, and pass gas while wrapped in old, thick bandages. They're 100 percent authentic mummies. For thousands of years, they have roamed quietly, only escaping their sarcophagi in the cover of night. Still, it isn't all bad for the mummified family. They get to see the world one museum at a time and learn everything they never had time to learn before they died. Plus, they re together. But, when Tut, the serious one, and Toot, the mischievous one, get into trouble in their new museum home, the mummies learn more about today's world than they ever thought they would. And it might just ruin their best-kept secret.


What Mum, Toot, and Tut thought was just another temporary home turned into the mummies worst nightmare. After having their identities discovered, they have to put their trust in a couple of nighttime security guards and the museum's curator to find their way out of this mess before things go too far!

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