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There and Back Again

There and Back Again

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In nine months you can have a baby, start a new job, or complete a year of school. As Tyler Hadyniak learned, it is also enough time to make a whirlwind tour of the United States, making an impact on and helping those who were willing to sacrifice all for their family and country.


As a veterans’ disability attorney, Tyler traveled around the United States for nine months, helping military veterans secure VA disability benefits. In the process, he learned as much about himself as the world around him. There and Back Again: America Through the Eyes of a Traveling Veterans’ Disability Attorney is Tyler’s tribute to his time on the road.


Based on the detailed travel journal he filled with memories, experiences, thoughts, and reflections, this book not only focuses on the people and places Tyler encountered on his journey, but also highlights the lessons he learned and will carry with him throughout his life.

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