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The Story of John Quincy Adams 250 Years After His Birth

The Story of John Quincy Adams 250 Years After His Birth

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This year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of John Quincy Adams. He was born in Massachusetts on July 11, 1767. Following in the footsteps of his father, John Adams (the second President of the United States), John Quincy Adams became the sixth president in 1825. But even before his term as president, John Q. Adams was heavily involved in the early formation of our country. Follow John Q. Adams journey from getting his start in politics as Minister to the Netherlands, to eventually being appointed Secretary of State under President Monroe. During his time as Secretary of State, Adams worked to bring several territories in North America under the power of the United States and, along with the President, created the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that the U.S. would see any further colonization by European as acts of aggression. The Monroe Doctrine was invoked several times throughout history, most recently against the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis. During his own presidency, Adams undertook a series of improvements to the country, such as an increased number of roads to connect the states. However, many of his proposals were knocked down by Andrew Jackson, who would defeat Adams in the next election, and his followers. Although his term as president may have been less successful then he hoped, Adams continued his career in politics until his death. Take a closer look at this statesman and his role in making the United States the country that it is today. Our books include full color and black and white images, index, glossary, CIP, reading websites, bibliography, detailed table of contents, sidebars, historical timeline, historical context overview, Dewey number and reading levels by Lexile and F&P Leveled reading.
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