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The Sin Eater

The Sin Eater

SKU: 9.78E+12

An unconventional rabble-rousing lawyer is gone. Suspended from an elite firm for the extreme behavior he performed on behalf of his clients, he has now departed with the intent of keeping his whereabouts unknown.


The firm needs him back to address a problem that threatens their very existence and probably their freedom. One of the four partners has died, and another has become comatose. Both hold the key to the inner workings of the firm's complex financial structure, having been secretly infused into an intertwining set of legal trusts and financial ruses.


Bri, the senior partner's estranged daughter and the firm's former lead investigator, has been summoned to deal with her father's condition and to seek out the missing lawyer, a man who happens to be her ex-boyfriend. Jeffrey, her former protégée and replacement, accompanies her on this quest.


Their search brings them into contact with a whimsical cast of characters who provide new information concerning the whereabouts of the missing lawyer. Bri and Jeffrey traipse across multiple states, searching for him and the pieces he has left in his wake. Instead, they find a story full of intrigue, humor, and philosophical overtones that has the potential to reveal the beginnings of a sordid secret.


Test your skill. Win $10,000.


Submit the correct answers to all eleven (11) questions found on the page

263 prior and have postmarked before December 31, 2020, and win

$10,000.00. All submissions must be on the original submission form

provided in the novel and must be accompanied by the original purchase

receipt. Please mail to Office Manager, P.O. Box 3868, Ocala, FL 34478.

If purchased in a digital format, please go to, where

you will need to submit a screenshot of the digital receipt, along with the

correct answers. This is a contest of skill, not a drawing or lottery. Entry

to the contest is free with the purchase of a book or ebook.

In the event that more than one correct entry submission form is

received, all of the correct [winning] submissions will share equally in the

distribution of the $10,000.00, with each winning submission receiving

a percentage of the $10,000.00 based upon the number of successful submissions

divided into the sum of $10,000.00. All correct answers and the page number[s] upon which they appear

will be posted on, along with the names of all winners,

on March 1, 2021. The proceeds will be distributed on June 1, 2021.

You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to participate, as

well as answer all eleven (11) questions correctly. This offer is void where

prohibited by law. Only one (1) submission per person. Multiple submissions

will not be considered. Participant agrees that all decisions regarding the timeliness, correctness

and validity of all contest submissions are at the sole determination of

the author and publishing company and are deemed final in accordance,

therewith. Disputes are to be governed in accordance with the laws of

the State of Florida and addressed in Ocala, Marion County, Florida, as

proper venue.



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