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The Complete Guide to Running Successful Workshops & Seminars

The Complete Guide to Running Successful Workshops & Seminars

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A typical workshop doesn�t always sound like something intriguing � in fact, it�s something most people try to avoid attending. Still, seminars are held each year in many fields and industries, and usually, no two are alike. While thousands of executives, employees, and other professionals dread the hours of lectures and preaching that the average conference involves, the one you�re planning doesn�t have to be the norm. The Complete Guide to Running Successful Workshops & Seminars is your complete guide to putting together an effective conference that is sure to be a hit from start to finish, regardless of your field and audience. In this new book, you will learn the ins and outs of planning a workshop, from general decisions about things like how long the event will last to the minute details like where each person will check in and sit. This complete guide will teach you how to effectively target and communicate with your audience so you can give your attendees the information they never even knew they were missing. You will learn about the basics of leading a training program, such as what characteristics you should portray to show your authority and credibility, as well as the general structural elements of a workshop, seminar, and conference. This comprehensive book will help you define the reason why you are holding a workshop, and will teach you to succinctly create an objective for your participants so that you are destined for success. You will even learn how to evaluate and measure your success during, and after, the event to prove your true effectiveness and determine your program�s strengths and weaknesses. Filled with information about how to build a budget and get funding for your workshop, this book addresses the financial aspect of holding an hour-, day-, or weekend-long event so that you can adequately allocate your money. With your budget and objective in mind, you will learn how to choose the perfect venue for your workshop, and how you can help your guests make any necessary travel arrangements or find a hotel. Planning and scheduling is a must, and this book gives step-by-step guidelines for breaking down each part of your event to ensure that you are prepared to lead, teach, and speak at your seminar or workshop. Putting together an easy-to-understand presentation and visual aides will help you connect with your audience, as you create innovative course materials to add flair to your workshop. This comprehensive guide has it all � and will teach you everything you need to know to plan, promote, and present a conference. The day of the seminar, last-minute things are sure to come up, which is why this exhaustively researched book includes common faux pas, mistakes, and disasters, along with the stress-free solutions to remedy any situation. We have spent hundreds of hours interviewing event planners and professionals who have held more than their share of conferences, workshops, and seminars, and they�ve shared their successes, and failures, to help you achieve, and avoid, the same things. With the tips for creating distinct content and engaging your audience in this book, your workshop, seminar, or conference will leave people wanting more.
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