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The Complete Guide to Poultry Breeds

The Complete Guide to Poultry Breeds

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This book provides the details that every potential poultry breeder needs to create detailed plans for purchasing, raising, and breeding their new farm animals. You will learn about each of the more than 500 different breeds of poultry, from chickens to turkeys and ducks. Each breed will be laid out with complete details about everything you need to know to raise them effectively.

From breeding a particular animal to raising the newborns, you will learn the basics of animal husbandry, gathering eggs, and using the meat from the ducks and turkeys you select. You will learn exactly which breeds are best for egg production by volume and which ones are best for meat by taste. You will learn the dietary needs of each breed and what they require from you to thrive in all four seasons.

Poultry and small farming experts were interviewed for this book to provide detailed insight into how poultry is selected and raised. Throughout the book, you will find bits of information about how each breed is different, suggestions for raising a particular breed, and tips on which breeds to completely steer clear of. You will learn which poultry breeds have been used for hundreds of years on small farms everywhere and which ones are rarely used and for what reasons.

Whether you are starting a farm and need a half dozen good poultry breeds for your coups or are just adding a small area on your property to raise some chickens, this guide will provide everything you need to understand and select the proper breed for your needs.

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