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Secrets to Restaurant Management and Staff Training

Secrets to Restaurant Management and Staff Training

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Do you ever feel that you are not fully appreciated? Are you always looking for a better work environment? Do you ever wonder what could be done to make a restaurant run more smoothly and efficiently? The answers lie with the actions of individuals. Schools only focus on culinary arts and other books on the technical aspects on how to perform certain tasks. This book will teach owners, managers, staff, and those who want to work in the industry, how to interact with each other; how to earn respect, trust and understanding; and how to work with each other as a team. It will show the importance of each suggestion and the reasons behind them. Hosts will learn how important their position is in the restaurant, how and why to better communicate with staff members, managers, and guests, how to use the counting system, and many other things. Servers will learn how they can improve their skills and learn new ones, how and why to become a team player, how to handle difficult customers and much more. This book will also demonstrate procedures and certain technical tricks, which will make everyone's job easier. When managers take care of the staff, the staff will take care of the guests, and the guests will always come back!
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