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New Me

New Me

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We are all born in this life as a child ready to love to the fullest. As we grew, we covered our true self with layers of fear and social and religious beliefs. So how can we correct years of behavior and habits that keep us from unlocking our true potential? How can you break the cycle to become a New You?

Beginning with his own story, the author shares his own journey through self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment in order to transform into his new self. Drawing from what he learned, the author sets out to explain concepts, such as God, the soul, fear, happiness, choices, and intuition, which are invaluable in the process of transformation. Knowledge of what we are made of will allow us to live life with love, but a lack of knowledge creates fear in our lives.


Outside of these topics, readers are introduced to daily regimens that can allow them to begin to live a life full of love, and to experience peace, allowing them to have a happier inner self and see the outside world through non-judgmental glasses. This enables them to move from this life to the next on a positive soul journey, giving them the opportunity to fix their soul s karma and learn the lessons needed for their soul s evolution. If you can master this, you will finally get back to the God, who set us free to live lives as we wish and learn lessons on this earth school. Following the author s advice, the reader can start their journey to become the best version of themselves. You can become a New Me.

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