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My Life as an OB-GYN A Look Behind the Scenes

My Life as an OB-GYN A Look Behind the Scenes

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For most women, a visit to the OB-GYN is a dreaded experience. It invokes images of sitting on an examination table in a flimsy, tissue paper gown, of staring nervously at the dreaded stirrups, of feeling exposed, of being poked and prodded, and of being asked embarrassing questions about sex and reproduction. If it is a first visit, the patient will inevitably wonder: What is my doctor really like? Is he cold and clinical or friendly and down to earth? How did he become a doctor? And why? In a book that is as eye-opening as it is compelling, retired OB-GYN Douglas Edwin Heritage invites us to share the joy, humor, and tragedy of his 43-year career as a medical student, intern, resident, and physician in private practice. By taking us through his incredible life as an OB-GYN, Dr. Heritage tells us all about: The patient who had bones in her vagina The fat, dead woman in the anatomy lab The bomb on the dining hall roof The laughing skull in the lecture hall The embarrassing reason why he had to cancel a circumcision How he was saved by President Nixon How a cancer patient with weeks left to live refused treatment and survived for another 10 years Stimulating, irreverent, and often droll, My Life as an OB-GYN will delight both practitioners and laymen alike.
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