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Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Years After His Death

Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Years After His Death

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A quick internet search will yield results of Leonardo da Vinci's legendary paintings, the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, and you might even catch a glimpse of his well-known sketches of machines, human bodies, and animals. However, there's so much more to da Vinci than his paintings and drawings. This 16th-century Italian man embodied the Renaissance spirit he was intensely interested in everyone and everything. His curiosity spanned every discipline, from geometry to anatomy to the link between art and science. 500 years ago was a time of insight, of investigation, and in this sense, da Vinci fit in perfectly. However, in another sense, he didn't belong at all. He was a loner living in his own world. An illegitimate child with 17 half-siblings, Leonardo also shrouded himself in secrecy. He wrote in a mirror script, meaning that you could only understand what he had written by holding it up to a mirror. He believed that we all have potential to do amazing things, but he also had lots of unfinished projects and struggled with lifelong self-doubt. Delve in to these pages to find out why Leonardo di Ser Piero d Antonio di Ser Piero di Ser Guido da Vinci (yes, this was his full name) was as mysterious as his painting of Mona Lisa's famous smile.

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