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How to Write and Publish a Successful Children's Book

How to Write and Publish a Successful Children's Book

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Children's books are very special, and have introduced millions of young people to the joys of reading. Single moms and top celebrities alike have penned best-sellers promoting the virtues and values for children to lead happy, healthy lives. There are many different ways that a children s book can be written, from the simplest rhyming picture books to more involved novella stories. Whatever your story may be, publishing it is within your grasp.

How to Write and Publish a Successful Children's Book provides a complete overview of everything a prospective children s writer needs to complete and publish his or her own children s book. You will start by learning how to recognize the market that your book s style fits. You will learn the basics of the children s book publishing industry and how it is fundamentally different from that of the rest of the publishing industry. You will learn how to choose the right publisher or print on demand printer for your book and how to start preparing the package, with special consideration for illustrations and other aspects of your book that might change the overall presentation.

Top publishers and writers in the children�s book industry were interviewed and have lent their expertise to this book to provide an overview of everything that is needed in the process. You will learn what morals and values publishers and readers look for in good children s books and what you should expect in a publication deal. You will learn how to build a relationship with your editor, what to expect in revisions, and how to learn the process of selling your book.

You will learn how to gain publicity on your own and what you can do to build your book into a long-term career. For anyone that has ever written or is considering writing their own children s book, this book will provide the information and resources you need to get published.
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