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How to Create the Perfect Cut, Shape, Color, and Perm

How to Create the Perfect Cut, Shape, Color, and Perm

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Cutting hair is rife with inspiration and style but has room for critique. Understanding how to read and work with hair is something many stylists work toward their entire lives. Cosmo Easterly, master stylist and the author of this book, brings his expertise to you in this complete guide to understanding hair. Designed to guide even the most untrained hair stylists through the rigors of the industry, you will learn everything you need to know to transform yourself from just another stylist into one with returning customers. 

This book features tips on hair styling methods and outlines the required resources you need to be a successful hair stylist. You will learn all the necessary aspects of the hair styling profession, starting with the most essential: the mindset every stylist needs when cutting and styling hair. You will learn the essence of creativity in reading, cutting, forming, coloring, and texturing hair. You will also learn how to talk with your clients and learn what they want, how they react to you, and what you can expect when cutting their hair.

Presented by Cosmo Easterly, a premier name in hair styling, this guide will teach you everything imaginable about the industry before jumping into the key components of cutting, shaping, coloring, and perming. You will learn about balance points, symmetry, lotions, tension wrapping, and the particular needs of fine, medium, and coarse hair. For every potential and soon-to-be hair stylist, Cosmo Easterly's complete guide to understanding and styling hair is a stepping stone into the industry
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