Guide to Growing Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, and Herbs from Containers

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This book will provide every potential container gardener with the necessary steps and resources needed to grow their very own crops to thrive in any conditions. From the very outset, you will learn: How vegetables, flowers, and herbs grow naturally (charts will provide a detailed breakdown of how plants grow and what they need to grow effectively, from root space to water consumption) How the plants will survive with other plants in the same container Which plants can even be placed in confined spaces and survive The basics of container planting, including the best single plant containers and [ossible combinations ranging from one to four plants. The top gardeners were contacted and interviewed, providing highly insightful information that guides you through how container potted plants grow and thrive. You will learn: The basics of side planted containers and how succulents perform in these closed spaces The best container plants, plus the necessary tools they need to survive The best container sizes, soil types, fertilizer, climate information, and pest prevention methods. Regardless of your needs or methods, this guide will take you through every step necessary to get your container plants growing and thriving
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