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Goodness on Deposit: The Ginormous Tiny Idea

Goodness on Deposit: The Ginormous Tiny Idea

SKU: 9.78E+12

By Mary Argento


"Goodness on Deposit - The Ginormous Tiny Idea” is the first in a series of books which promote a child's awareness of other's needs and demonstrates practical ways for children to make a difference in the life of a friend, neighbor or family member. It is a sweet interactive story which teaches children, through M.T.'s journey, to identify acts of kindness that need doing and record them in their Goodness on Deposit bankbook which is outlined in the book. M.T., our 8 year old main character very much admires his mother because she is kind and loving to others and possesses what he believes to be a "heart of gold". A small seed of an idea begins to percolate in M.T.'s head. He has a vision where he, along with his buddies, would open up a Goodness on Deposit Bank where children like himself would deposit their good deeds until they reach a balance which would earn them a heart of gold.

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