Drone Warrior A James Barlow Adventure

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NSA intelligence sources have uncovered a terrorist plan to attack America sometime in the next seven days. First term President John Parker has ordered USSOCOM Anti-Terrorism Commander Admiral James Robbins to stop the assault at all cost. Robbins deploys special operators and places high-tech drones across the U.S. to search for and counter the threat. As the president continues on a business-as-usual campaign tour, several unsuccessful attempts are made on his life. The question everyone's asking: is this the extent of the attack? Until they know for sure, armed UAVs, Navy SEALs, Delta Force and CIA operators stay close to the president and government leaders. The campaign trip ends when a split second decision catapults drone jockey James Barlow into the spotlight. By providing a simple solution to a terrifying scenario, Barlow gives the world a much needed wakeup call. Drone Warrior is an all-too-real terror scenario cloaked in the guise of a novel. This tale has it all: a gripping story, characters you'll love or hate, and high-tech gee-whizzery rendered in exquisite detail. Take a seat and hang on. You're in for one hell of a ride. Sit down, strap in, and hang on for a literary rollercoaster ride that could bring the United States to its knees.
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