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Drone Ace A James Barlow Adventure

Drone Ace A James Barlow Adventure

SKU: 9.78E+12
Robotic and stealth technology has advanced to a point where combat drones are virtually invisible to radar, heavily armed, totally autonomous, and ruthlessly unforgiving. Development of a new generation optionally manned aerial vehicle OMAV is about to be tested by the Navy's premier drone pilot and designer. James Barlow is tasked by President James Robbins to rescue America's chief nuclear weapons designer from ISIS rebels intent on having their own nukes. A unique drone delivery system forces Russian subs and aircraft to chase Barlow and his one-of-a-kind OMAV across the Atlantic and deep into the Mediterranean as the mystery surrounding the rescue vehicle and its mission reheats Cold War anger between the world's super powers. This provocative, action packed story takes you from beneath the Atlantic Ocean to deadly air-to-air exchanges on the way to Iraq's dusty badlands. At the end of the mission, when success is usually measured by living, the distinction for Drone Ace James Barlow becomes clouded by the unimaginable.
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