Death by 1,000 Papercuts: How to Achieve a Healthier You For a Healthier World

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After experiencing his father's early death at the age of 45, Anton Andryakov knew he had to come up with a plan to help himself, and others, make the most of what life has to offer.


Using his experience gained from the U.S. Marine Corps and as a life coach, Andryakov shares his unique perspective on health and wellness to motivate people of all ages to make the most of the life they've been given. Just as taking care of the Earth is the only way to have a healthy place to call home, taking care of our bodies is the only way to have a healthy society.


Divided into four sections, Death by 1,000 Papercuts provides helpful advice in the areas of Mindset, Internal Health, Nutrition, and Movement. Throughout these sections is the reminder of the importance we must place on self-care in our everyday lives.

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