College Study Hacks 101 Ways to Score Higher on Your SAT Reasoning Exam

SKU: 9781620230626
Each year, millions of high school students take their SATs. About 92 percent of colleges require these scores. The average score on the new 1600-point scale is about 1000. With the ideal score being 1200 or above, this book will teach you how to close that gap. This book gives you the tools to boost your scores and stand out from the crowd, including: An understanding of the new scoring system, as well as its format and content How to read questions correctly The ability to control your anxiety General tips for how to approach each section In addition, you will be presented with a list of resources to help you prepare as well as dozens of teacher-recommended strategies. This book is filled will sample questions and answers for you to practice on, which cover all three sections: math, reading, and writing. Some of the study strategies included: Answering the easy questions first Making educated guesses Budgeting your time wisely This book also directs you to a variety of resources for more practice tests, guidelines, and information about the standardized test. Instead of panicking and worrying about the SATs, pick up this book and be confident in your test-taking abilities. Whether you are taking the test for the first time or for the fifth, you will learn valuable information and practical tips for improving your score.
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