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Coco and Mumu: Gut-Brain Connection

Coco and Mumu: Gut-Brain Connection

SKU: 9.78E+12

By Carina Castro Fumero, M.Sc


Join Coco and Mumu on their next adventure in Coco and Mumu: Gut-Brain Connection. This fun, new book covers three revealing scientific facts from recent times: the digestive system has a direct connection with the brain, lifelong eating habits develop in childhood, and our emotions, thoughts and reactions are linked to our diet.


With English and Spanish text side-by-side, this book will help children and parents understand the importance of establishing healthy eating habits, recognize the value of sharing and to develop mental health for life.


In Coco and Mumu: Gut-Brain Connection, author Carina Castro Fumero, pediatric neuropsychology expert, discusses gut micriobiome, foods for optimal development, and the connection between your stomach and brain. This easy-to-follow book is filled with colorful illustrations that children and parents will enjoy.


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