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Book Publishing 101

Book Publishing 101

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Book Publishing 101: Inside Information to Getting Your First Book or Novel Published is here to help make your publishing dream a reality. This helpful book details the types of publishing to choose from, including traditional, subsidy, vanity, print-on-demand (POD), and self-publishing. 

You will learn everything from copyrighting and cataloging to book design, printing, and binding. You will be taught how to write a killer query letter and a perfect book proposal to increase your chances of having your book considered by traditional publishers. You will also discover what to look for in a literary agent and how to read the fine print on publishing contracts.

Reader familiarity is the biggest factor in sales, with 60 percent of readers saying their decision to purchase a book hinges on already being fans of the author. Although you may be tight on your promotion budget, this book arms you with dozens of low-cost tactics to get your book and your name in the limelight, increase your following, and maximize your sales. You will learn about book tours and signings, sending out press releases, preparing for news interviews, getting your website high in search engines, and tapping into social media networks.

Take advantage of the expert advice we�ve gathered from all types of publishers and authors to give you a real-life glimpse into today�s publishing industry. An extensive resources section includes places to find literary agents and POD companies as well as a sample query letter, a book proposal, and a press release. With Book Publishing 101: Inside Information to Getting Your First Book or Novel Published in your hand, you�re sure to hit the ground running in becoming an established, respected author in the publishing industry.
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