AL-The Israeli Prometheus

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The law and morality are not always the same. Sometimes the right thing to do isn�t always legal. Sometimes standing up for your convictions can lead to a criminal conviction. Such was the story of Al Schwimmer, the World War II veteran and face of Israel Aerospace Industries. It was late in the 1940s. Enemies surrounded the newly formed Israeli state on all sides, with international embargos prohibiting the sale of military equipment. Schwimmer, using his experience and contacts as a flight engineer, orchestrated the smuggling of surplus airplanes and defense equipment to the Israeli people fighting for their existence. Much like Prometheus, the Greek titan who defied the gods and created mankind, Al�s crimes created history; they helped turn the tide of Israel�s War of Independence and gave the nation a fighting chance. In Al: The Israeli Prometheus , Yoran puts together a telling story of who Al was behind the big decisions and valiant deeds and allows the hero to become human again.
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