A Complete Guide for Single Dads

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A Complete Guide for Single Dads shows exactly how a single father can raise a healthy, happy child alone. You will learn how to reassure your children and maintain the feeling of a family when the mother is absent because of divorce or death. You will learn how to treat your children and how to communicate with them. The basics of discipline and rules are outlined for a single-dad household, along with tips on how you can have fun with your children the right and healthy way. Raising daughters and sons come with two vastly different techniques, and this book outlines those differences, as well as how to tackle the variety of problems a mother would normally handle. Advice from other single fathers and experts in child psychology are included in this book to provide you a complete outline of what to expect from being a single parent. You will learn how to turn your house into a home, divvying up space, having pets, and how to handle chores. You will learn how to find reliable child care and how to juggle your time among your work and your children, as well as make sure you have time for yourself. You will learn how to help your children in school, as well as how to ensure they get the attention they need to succeed. This book also outlines the basics of cooking and health care for children and how to handle their emotional issues as they grow older. For each father who has found himself alone for the first time, unsure of where to start, A Complete Guide for Single Dads provides the detailed instruction you need in order to successfully play both parenting roles.
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