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About APG

   For over 30 years Atlantic Publishing has been providing millions of readers information to jump-start their careers, start businesses, manage employees, invest, plan for retirement, learn technologies, build relationships, and live rewarding, fulfilling lives. Our award-winning authors and publication staff strive to make our products the best and most up-to-date available. We go further than most publishers to get our customers the best products. Awards are great, but we do not stop there:

  • We give you the latest and best information explained in an easy to read and understandable manner. We spend countless hours interviewing successful experts on each subject. Our products explain the ins and outs and provide insider secrets and proven methodologies.

  • Most of our books contain actual case studies from people who share their techniques to achieve unprecedented success. You will learn hundreds of tested hints, tricks, and secrets for using the subject matter to achieve real-world success. 

  • Many of our books are bundled with companion CD-ROM's. Packaging a book and CD-ROM is a labor-intensive and costly procedure. But we think the process is worth it, as there is so much information packaged on each CD-ROM. 

  • In all our books, where pertinent, we supply extensive glossaries and often hundreds of links to more information and resources on the Internet. We thoroughly and individually check each link to these valuable resources, as well as every fact cited.

Thank you for your interest in our publications. Knowledge has certainly been the key to our success, and we hope that our information products will bring success to you, your patrons, and customers. If at any time you need any help finding a product, have a question or concern, you may call us at 352-622-1825 or email us at