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You'll Never Get Lost Again: Simple Navigation for Everyone

You'll Never Get Lost Again: Simple Navigation for Everyone

SKU: 9.78E+12
Imagine you're on a road trip somewhere in the middle of nowhere no towns for miles, it's nighttime, and there is no cell service. Suddenly, your GPS fails. You didn't print out directions. All you have in your glove compartment is a map and a compass. What would you do? Captain Robert R. Singleton explains the not-so-complicated science of simple navigation. Starting from the absolute basics, You'll Never Get Lost Again can teach even the most directionally-challenged how to find their way to any destination with little more than a compass, a map, and a sense of adventure. This book uses simple, easy-to-understand instructions, real-life exercises, detailed diagrams, and straightforward explanations to guide any beginner to a better understanding of basic navigation while also reminding the advanced navigator of the importance of simple concepts in an important science. By the time you've finished You'll Never Get Lost Again you'll have the confidence to know that, as long as you understand the basics, you can find your way to any destination in the world from the grocery store around the block to the far reaches of the great-untamed wilderness. The world is yours for the navigating.
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