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How to Make a Living Writing Articles

How to Make a Living Writing Articles

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If you want to get creative, make surplus income, be in control of your own hours, and potentially even change the world, then maybe it's time to make the career change to freelance writing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of writers and editors is expected to rise 8 percent from now until 2018. Thanks to the Internet and its millions of writing outlets, demand for freelance writers is higher than ever. Don�t get left out of this burgeoning field � you too can successfully start writing for a variety of newspapers, magazines, and online sources, all within the next month. Whether you want to pursue a writing degree or begin writing your query letter today, this book has the answers you need to get started. This step-by-step guide will take you from your first paycheck to your ultimate goal: a career as a professional, full-time freelance writer with a byline that people will recognize. You can easily make thousands of dollars every month, simply by doing what you already love. Even if you have never been professionally published � and even if you don't have a degree � you can learn how to hone your interviewing, editing, and writing skills to meet the needs of numerous print and online publications that boast millions of readers. Get the recognition your writing deserves with this detailed and easy-to-read book that explains it all. In How to Make a Living Writing Articles, Newspapers, Magazines, and Online Sources, learn how to pitch your first story idea to any publication and get it printed � and get paid. Learn how to submit queries and write a diverse variety of professional-level articles that news, entertainment, and niche publications will eagerly pay you for.
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