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How to Heal After Heartbreak How to Recover from a Breakup

How to Heal After Heartbreak How to Recover from a Breakup

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�It�s not you, it�s me.� �We�ve grown apart.� �I think we should start seeing other people.� Whether it�s because of trust issues a bad fight, bad sex, or you can�t put your finger on Whether it�s because of trust issues, a bad fight, or bad sex, or you can�t put your finger on where it went wrong, breaking up is never easy. 

It leaves you sad, lost, confused, angry, or just plain lonely. You may even feel like you cannot function without your other half. You begin the endless list of questions What am I supposed to do with myself? Why am I not good enough? Was I too overbearing? Did I not give up enough? It�s overwhelming and exhausting, and the only way to recover is to find the help to rebuild your strength and move on.

How to Heal After Heartbreak helps mend your heart and put your life back on track. You will learn the fundamentals of relationships and why yours did not work out. You will get to know what to expect from heartbreak � betrayal, competition, self-attack, and denial � and how to best handle it.

This book will work you through emotions and tell you how to avoid tantrums, threats, violence, and acts of revenge. Instead, you will learn to walk with grace as you choose the high road to emotional freedom. This comprehensive guide is bursting with tips and advice for coping and will walk you through the steps you need to get back on track and forget about what could have been.

We�ve spent dozens of hours interviewing psychologists and other experts to come up with proven methods of positive psychology to allow you to focus on what makes yourself, and your life, so amazing. We�ll help you bypass the depression and bitterness that so many people struggle with when facing a breakup.

With this helpful prescription to heal your heart, we�ll bringing the light back into your life, you�ll learn the rules about your ex and moving on gracefully so that you can mend the pieces of your broken heart, and move on to a brighter and better you.
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