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Bad Behavior in the Workplace A Career in Jeopardy

Bad Behavior in the Workplace A Career in Jeopardy

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Dr. Andrew Brown is at the top of his game. After spending decades clawing his way through jungles of bureaucratic red tape and pushing the edge of the medical status-quo, he’s the head of the Pediatric Oncology unit of the prestigious Rose Children’s Hospital in New York City and is nationally recognized as a leader in his field.


But when an inappropriate and angry outburst at work puts his career, his reputation, and his marriage, in jeopardy, he has no choice but to take the first few uncomfortable steps toward change.


With his back against the wall, Andrew harnesses his years of experience and confronts his demons. With a team of colleagues and sympathetic researchers by his side, Andrew sets out to discover not only the cause of his own temper but the very origins of rage in the human psyche. Delving into the genealogical and historical roots of human anger, his search leads him not only to shocking revelations about the world around him but to a deeper understanding of his place in it.

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