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You’ll Never Get Lost Again with Captain Robert R. Singleton’s Second Edition

Never Get Lost Again

By Isabelle Resnick

In 1979, Captain Robert R. Singleton published the first edition of You’ll Never Get Lost Again. This was, according to Singleton, “sometime after Columbus but before all the new scientific technology came about.”

The book explained the science of simple navigation with simple and easy instructions, real-life exercises, detailed diagrams, and straightforward explanations that would supplement the exploration of both novices and experts. It was a one-stop-shop for learning how to get to your destination and back home again with only God’s green earth to lead the way.

You might think a book like Singleton’s is unnecessary today, when your phone’s apps and internet connection can lead you anywhere and answer every question you have along the way. But what if your battery dies, you lose internet connection, or worst of all, drop your phone to the bottom of the ocean floor? Or, in Singleton’s words, “What happens when the satellites fail or the transmitters fall silent?” Will you be prepared, common sense in tow, to find dry land and civilization? Or does the very idea terrify you?

Don’t panic just yet! This book is designed to take even the most directionally challenged and make explorers out of them. Working your way up slowly from the comfort of your own home, to a walk around the block, to  full-scale orienteering exercises, Captain Singleton gives you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to navigate in any conditions. Can you determine which direction is north? Do you know how to plot your course before a trip? What in the world is dead-reckoning, and how might it save your life?

You may not become an expert overnight, but after learning the basics from You’ll Never Get Lost Again, you will have the confidence to know that you’ll never truly be lost.

From now until Friday, June 29, you can purchase the e-book of You’ll Never Get Lost Again: Simple Navigation for Everyone on Amazon for only 99¢.


Captain Robert R. Singleton, PhD is a merchant marine captain and an oceanographer who has spent well over 40 years at sea. He is also a private pilot and an ex-paratrooper from the famed 101st Airborne Division. Captain Singleton has authored several books and other articles, including “You’ll Never Get Lost Again: Simple Navigation for Everyone,” “The Standish Chronicles,” and “Angels, Visions, and Gifts.” He enjoys writing, teaching, and many outdoor activities.

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