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Women in Wartime

Stories told about World War I and World War II are far from glamorous. School textbooks often include images of the trenches in Europe, soldiers marching in the rain and snow, and starving people barely surviving in the gruesome concentration camps. So much happened during these two major wars, but so much is also forgotten. Men were at the forefront of everyone’s minds when they were shipped off to battle. But what happened to the women they left behind?

In “Hidden in History: The Untold Stories of Women During World War I and World War II,” we uncover the stories of brave women who did their part to support the war effort. While they may not have been able to join the battle alongside the men, they still fought in their own ways, even if it meant breaking the rules.

From the famous Mata Hari who worked as a spy during the Great War, to Dorothy Lawrence, a dedicated journalist who dressed as a man to get closer to the frontlines, women were greatly invested. Even housewives, left home alone to care for their children and take on the role of head of household, got involved. They did their part by planting victory gardens and buying war bonds as ways to support the men overseas.

These strong and courageous women may not have had the same opportunities available to them as the men did, but that never stopped them from helping. They worked hard in an effort to not only support the soldiers, but to support their families and the other women in their lives. We need to remember these women who fought for the greater good.

“Hidden in History: The Untold Stories of Women During World War I and World War II” is available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

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