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Understanding the Non-Alpha Male and Challenging Toxic Masculinity with Dr. Douglas Carpenter


By Jordan Wenk

In today’s society, there is a large emphasis placed on being the Alpha Male or the Beta male. These two categories of masculinity are traditionally distinct with no variation, and the ideals are enforced through toxic shame and complex trauma. But in reality there are Non-Alpha Males that exist along the spectrum of masculinity that don’t fall into the ideals of Alpha/Beta.

These Non-Alpha Males are much more common than most people understand, and they are typically prone to developmental and behavioral issues due to the psychological strain of being forced to conform to the Alpha/Beta classification.

But why is that? These are all concepts that are explored in the new book by Dr. Douglas Carpenter “Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male – Gender Role Conflict, Toxic Shame, and Complex Trauma: Finding Hope, Clarity, Healing, and Change.”

The role of parenting, attachment and abuse issues, gender constructs and socialization, and the resulting addiction, sexual issues, and self-loathing, are explored in “Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male.”

Dr. Carpenter’s book aims to resolve the conflict within oneself and offer new found self-acceptance with stories of experiences from actual Non-Alpha Male clients bringing the theoretical into reality, “Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male” helps offer healing through hope, clarity, healing, and change.

You can gain a new understanding of what it means to be masculine and get the Kindle version from Amazon now. The title will be available for $0.99 until release day!

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