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Travis Neville

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It's that time of the week again! Our Author Spotlight of the week goes to an average Joe(as he would call himself anyways). His self-help book called "The Jossman Method" outlines specific, easy-to-achieve behaviors that any regular, flawed person can accomplish daily, the author uses the lessons he learned the hard way to help others find productivity and fulfillment.

Tell me about your journey to becoming a writer.   

Both of my parents are retired English teachers.  They are both very well read and highly educated.  Having them as role models is definitely a big part of why I chose to be an English teacher myself, and then move into becoming an author. I figured I could probably write a book, but it was a comment a friend made that put me on the path of The Jossman Method.  He said, "You're better at recovering from disaster than anyone I know."  At the time, I was a little hurt by that comment, since it implies that I make lots of mistakes.   I definitely do!   Thankfully, I've come to learn that's because I take a lot of risks, a fact of which I'm very proud.   I had been using my points system for a year before I chose to write about it.  It lent itself to book format somewhat well. 

What was the main inspiration behind this book?   

Adapting and strengthening as a result of focusing and learning after some tough changes.  Plain and simple.

What kind of research did you have to do for it?     

I lived my life!  I wrote things down.  I quantified, reflected and learned.  I made mistakes, failed, and succeeded.  I paid attention to, and kept track of, what was working and what wasn't. 

What was your writing routine?   

As soon as I got out of bed every weekday, I'd write for an hour. Eventually, as I got nearer to the end, I ended up spending a few hours at a time. 

Describe your book in one sentence.   

Small daily life adjustments pay huge dividends over time.

Tell us about the best writing advice you've ever received.   

Don't EVER let how people might receive your work alter what you write.   

When you're not writing, what can we find you doing?   

I run a recruiting firm, I workout, go up north, work on cars, and spend a lot of time with family and friends.   I should travel more.  

Do you have any upcoming events?   

I'll be doing appearances/signings in Sturgis, Marquette, Ortonville and Flint, MI during the late spring/early summer. 

Tell us something about you that your fans may not know or something you want to share. 

I'm going bring my guitar to some open mic nights in the area this summer as well.  Super pumped about that!   Check out Andy's Place in Holly, MI.  

Why should readers purchase your book?   

I'm hoping it will help you realize that your life is already pretty damn good.   You probably already have a Jossman Method of your own, you just haven't written it down. Your life is always an amazing place, if you can make the habit of seeing it that way.  

His book is now available in eBook and Paperback format.

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