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To Print or Not to Print: Print-On-Demand

Books are available everywhere. With the introduction of electronic readers a few years ago, it seemed like physical books would soon become extinct. But something about holding a book made of paper and ink makes it far superior to the battery-operated version. In 2017, consumers in the United States alone purchased 675 million print books![1]

So what has to happen for a physical book to get into your hands? After the final manuscript has been completed, it is sent to a printer where they compile and bind the final book. They are then sent either back to the publisher’s storage warehouse or on to a variety of online and physical retailers. This method of printing works well for large publishing houses with large budgets, but with smaller companies it often ends up being too costly. This is where print-on-demand enters the scene.

Print-on-demand is the alternative to bulk printing. It allows for more control when it comes to printing and doesn’t require forecasting the popularity of your book before it has been released.

Not sure if print-on-demand is the right choice for you? Here are a few reasons why we love it:

1. No Book Storage

Having your own personal library at home is one thing, but storing 200 copies of the same book is another. Where will you store them? Will they be kept in good condition away from heat and humidity? How long will you have to store them? These are all important questions to ask before getting your book published.

But what if you could eliminate book storage all together? Print-on-demand allows you to let the customer decide when a book is printed. A new book is printed when they complete their online purchase. This means no boxes of books sitting in dusty warehouses.

2. Stick to a Budget

Books are expensive to print. They require ink, glue, and LOTS of paper. On top of storing boxes of books, paying for books that go unsold is an expense that can be avoided. Setting a budget and sticking to it is a lot easier when you choose to print-on-demand. Choosing this method of printing is also better for the environment because less paper is wasted.

3. No Backorders

Backorders are common in the publishing industry. A new book will be released and will sell out almost instantly due to its popularity. It may take weeks before the new shipment of books is ready for consumers. Instead of printing 500 copies of your book and waiting for them to all to sell before you print more, there is a better option.

Many printers who offer print-on-demand services have a very quick turnaround time. For example, a customer may purchase a book online only to have a brand new copy shipped to them from the printer within 48 hours. It’s that simple!

With the introduction of print-on-demand, publishing houses of all sizes are turning to this economical and environmentally friendly method of printing. There is so much waste in our modern world, and this service offers a way to offset it. Still unsure if print-on-demand is right for you? Get in touch with Atlantic Publishing; we’d love to help you out!


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