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The Story of Eve: Transgender at 7, Out at 84


Imagine having two personas, two distinctly different lives, for nearly 77 years. That was the reality for Eve Burchert.

Born Eberhard Burchert in pre-World War II Germany, Eve knew for a majority of her life that she was meant to live as a woman. Everyday life was a test to her emotions, where surviving the end of the Second World War led her to bury her true feelings and focus on immigrating to America with nothing but $64 and two suitcases.

But Eve knew that the reflection she saw in a mirror wasn’t quite right; however it wasn’t until many years later that she understood these feelings- that she was transgender.

She reveled- if only for a weekend- for a chance to live as she truly saw herself. Although she wasn’t out to her family and friends, Eve was an active member of the transgender community, breaking barriers and teaching many about what it meant to be trans.

But now Eve is ready to share her story of understanding her reflection, and live her life as she was truly meant to: as a woman, every day. Not just on the weekends.

“Reflections: Transgender at 7, Out at 84,” is a deeply personal story that follows the trials and tribulations of Eve’s life, and it is now available on Amazon for $19.95.

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