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The Seventh Book of Christmas: Being-Here

By Kristen Joseph

Being-Here: Thoughts About Life and Living After Surviving Your Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is about facing your new world and life after surviving your Traumatic Brain Injury. In his book, Jake Band tells readers about his amazing journey to recovery, which includes events along the way like graduating college and getting married.

Nobody, outside of the circle of survivors, can possibly have a clue what life will really be like after surviving a TBI. Band explains the unique things he did to face his new world. He wrote this book not only with the hope that it could help others face similar yet unique obstacles, but to also convince everyone not to give up, even when faced with naysayers who seem to give up on you and try to convince you that there’s nowhere to go from here.

Grab a copy of this encouraging tale on Amazon this holiday season and inspire someone close to you!

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