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The Reality of Words

If the battlefield is the mind, the words we speak are ammunition.

Words possess more creative power than we realize. With words, we have the ability to change the trajectory of our life. We can create a new reality through the words we speak.

In “The Reality of Words,” Kim L. Rhodes elaborates on the conflicts she faced as a Christian and a lesbian. She reconciles the Christian beliefs she grew up understanding to be true with the reality of her life and the loving God she has come to know and love. But reconciliation is no easy feat––Rhodes had to learn how to speak to and about herself to begin the long journey of inner peace.

Seeing things differently starts with thinking differently, and thinking differently starts with changing the words we think and speak. Words can heal, or words can destroy. They can uplift or put down. Words are the most impactful tool we possess, yet we act as if they are impotent. Words are eternal. The power of consequence they hold cannot be diminished; it can only be changed with the renewal of your mind. The Reality of Words can change your life.

The Reality of Words is now available in the ebook format on Amazon

The paperback is available on November 25th, 2019 but pre-order your copy today!

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