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The Importance of Author Websites

Put Yourself Out There: The Importance of Author Websites

Authors have always been people of great interest. Even in this digital world, they often gain followings due to their writing styles and unique viewpoints that they share through the written word. While writing a book may seem like more than enough to satisfy your readers, they really do want more. Here we’ll discuss the importance of author websites and what you should include when creating your very own.

Why Do I Need a Website?

When was the last time you got online to search for something? Maybe it was earlier today or even a couple of minutes ago? Our world is powered by having information available at the touch of a button. After picking up a book from their local bookstore or library, most readers want to learn more about the author and want to know if they’ve written more books. The first place most people will check will be on the internet. Having an author website means giving readers the ability to find you quickly and without any complications.

Keep It Simple

There are many platforms out there where you have the ability to share your day-to-day life, including what you ate for breakfast and where you find the best deals on cleaning supplies. But an author website is not the place for that. Your website is a place to introduce yourself and your books to new readers. It’s also the place to announce new releases, book tours, and other exciting news to loyal fans. Too much information gets overwhelming, so keep it simple!

Social Media

Once readers discover a little about you and your writing life, this is the time to introduce them to your social media platforms. Make it easy for visitors to your site by including a Contact or Find Me page. From here, you’re giving visitors the ability to discover even more about you by linking them to your outside accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, and more.


An element of any personal website that makes it stand out to visitors is when they have the ability to sign up for a weekly or monthly newsletter. Signing up gives readers the chance to hear from you on a regular basis on a variety of topics: new books in the works, upcoming meet-ups, exciting news in your personal life, projects with other authors. By sharing more detailed information with readers, you’re bringing them on a journey into your life as an author and helping them escape from their everyday lives.

With new advancements every day, we know that keeping up with the digital realm can be a struggle. By introducing you to the idea of author websites, we hope it encourages you to take the leap. Share your words with the world!

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