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The Good Old Days

Looking back on the past, it is often easy to remember the best of times and forget the worst. It is easy to overlook the harsh realities of life as it once was and take for granted things that were once seen as extraordinary.

In The Good Old Days: A Reflection Upon What We Individually and Collectively Choose NOT to Recall, author Rick Spleen shares his perspective on the way the past is remembered and why we should respect those who came before us: their toils, efforts, and achievements. It is especially important to recognize those of the founding generation who made possible the rapid advancements for humanity in the last 250 years.

From fashion to technology, from war to medicine, this book takes a closer look at our world, by reflecting upon the past to provide a better perspective of today. The world we live in, and humanity, may not be perfect, but we’ve come a long way from where we once stood, in a relatively very short period of time.

About the Author

Originally raised in the suburban Philadelphia, PA area, Rick Spleen has lived on both the East Coast (NYC) and West Coast (LA), and in many states in between, as well as in Mexico and the Caribbean. He has moved many times over the course of his career, managing major commercial construction projects, such as the Trump Castle in Atlantic City, NJ and the W.T. Young Library at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY. He was the winner of his age group in the 2016 Long Beach Triathlon in California. He is a student of history and is well read, principally in non-fiction and mostly on the topic of the Revolutionary period of the United States. He also considers himself an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and skiing.

The Good Old Days: A Reflection Upon What We Individually and Collectively Choose NOT to Recall is now available in both eBook and paperback formats.

Order your copy today!

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