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The Fourth Book of Christmas: 101 Recipes for Making Cheese

By Kristen Joseph

Every cheese-lover has their favorite type store-bought of cheese, whether it be a rich, creamy, sharp, or spicy flavor. But why travel to the grocery store to satisfy that cheese craving when you can learn how to make your favorite cheese in your own home? 101 Recipes for Making Cheese: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply will teach you the basics of cheese making so that you can become the best fromager of your family!

The basics of making cheese will be covered from the start, detailing everything you need to create your own dairy products, including equipment, products, time, and money. You will learn about food safety for cheese and which parts of the product can be used and which should be discarded. With this book, you’ll also learn what aspects differentiate cheeses like hard, soft, and Italian cheeses, among others, and expand your knowledge on all things cheese.

This book provides 101 of the most popular, well known cheese recipes in the world compiled in one easy-to-follow resource designed to help even the most unpracticed of cheese aficionados start creating delicious cheeses at home.

Get your copy on Amazon to begin learning how to make cheese this holiday season!

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