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The Eleventh Book of Christmas: The Perfect Storm

By Kristen Joseph

Matthew and his uncle were caught in the middle of a massive hurricane. They had spotted land in the distance, but the dangerous reefs and crashing waves made steering the Sea Venture toward the shore nearly impossible. They were nearing the dreaded Isle of Bermudez, and Matthew couldn’t decide which was more terrifying: the island of devils or the depths of the ocean that threatened to engulf them. But they had no choice; the colony of Jamestown was counting on them and the life-saving supplies they carried. Matthew and his uncle were the colonists’ only hope.

In this colorful and engaging high-seas adventure, discover the history of Bermuda and follow the fictionalized story based on real people struggling for survival. Set sail on the Sea Venture and witness the beginning of one country and the rescue of another!

Check out “The Perfect Storm” on Amazon and let a child in your life join Matthew and his uncle on their epic adventure this Christmas!

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