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The Comforting Illusion

So much of popular religion is simply a collection of ancient superstitions and old campfire stories. Even Pope Francis has told the Church that God is not a 'wizard.' God is not our ever-present nanny or 'fairy godmother' whose task it is to comfort and protect us, and to shield us from any danger, discomfort, or disappointment. So what, then, really is the point of religion and spiritualism in a modern world?

Exploring the concept of religion from an objective, sociological standpoint, 'The Comforting Illusion: Lifting the Veil on Organized Religion' aims to somehow reconcile our modern world views with ancient spiritual perspectives.

By examining religion’s direct and indirect effects on practically every part of 21st century society, be they good or bad, 'The Comforting Illusion' pulls aside the curtain of our comfortable rituals and compels us to consider the complex facets of a culture that spans millennia.

Greg Bentall has a broad range of interests, including history, politics, and science. He believes that nothing can be understood apart from its historical development. Science is not a body of accepted findings, but a historical journey to progressively comprehend the workings of nature. Religious thought must be understood by means of the same historical development process. He has blogged on the interface of science, politics, and religion.

Greg is a skeptic who questions everything, and seeks to embrace new ideas and constructs.

The Comforting Illusion: Lifting the Veil on Organized Religion is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

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