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The Buzz on Radio Marketing

Radio Marketing for Authors

No matter what you may want to believe, writing a book is not a very private endeavor. Yes, you may start your writing process in your comfiest chair with a big mug of tea to keep you company, but eventually, this time will come to an end. And then what? Then it’s time to share what you’ve written with the rest of the world.

At one time, the radio was one of the only forms of mass advertising. As technology has advanced, television and the internet have advanced as major advertising mediums. But that doesn’t mean radio is on its way out. According to 2019 statistics, “272 million Americans listen to traditional radio every week.” That’s more than half of the country’s population!

With so many radio options out there, we are going to break it all down in the hope that you gain a better idea of how you can use radio to market your new book.

Traditional Radio

The most common and well-known form of radio is what you listen to in the car on your way to work or during the day when you need a break from it all. Of course, there are many stations playing music, but there are others such as NPR and local stations that discuss important issues and interview guests on their shows.

If you are a first-time author it may be a little difficult to fill a spot on a national radio station. Check out your local stations to see if they would be interested in you and your work. This is a great way to get free promotion in your local community and connect you with other authors in your area.

Internet Radio

A little different from traditional radio, internet radio is only broadcasted to listeners online. What makes it stand apart from regular radio programming is that the stations most commonly revolve around a single topic. Hosts will interview guests or speak on a subject that relates to their show, providing listeners with the content on their website.

There are many online radio stations that are entirely focused on authors. They want to bring new authors onto their shows to introduce them and their work to regular listeners. Shows such as The Author Show, Author2Author, and Authors on the Air are all great stations to get in touch with. You never know where it may lead you!


Over the past couple of years, podcasts have risen in popularity with young and old alike. While they are also a form of internet radio, their format allows them to fall into a category of their own. Whether they are run by a large publishing

company or by an individual with a specific interest, all podcasts are produced to provide further insight to the listener.

For example, The New York Times produces a podcast called The Book Review. Being a large news agency, their focus is on books and authors that are making an impact on the world. This isn’t the place for new authors to make their mark. On the other hand, podcasts such as Reading and Writing Podcast, The Creative Nonfiction Podcast, and What Should I Read Next? are run by individuals who interview up-and-coming authors and review their books. These are regular people who love all things literary and want to share their passion with listeners.

As you can see, all forms of radio marketing work in favor of the author. They give you a chance to talk about your book and connect with others in the literary community. But most importantly, it’s one of the best ways to advertise for free!

So no matter how many ways you choose to promote your book, give radio marketing a try. It may provide you with opportunities you never even knew were possible. We can't wait to hear you on the air!

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