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Summer Sunshine and Sours, Stouts, and Saisons: Pennsylvania’s Breweries


By Danielle Lieneman

Summer is here, especially for us down in Florida! During this time of year, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a beer in the sunshine, hopefully with a good book in hand! Whether you’re a Floridian like us, a Pennsylvanian like author Alison Feeney, or just a reader looking to learn about beer, our new release, For the Love of Beer: Pennsylvania’s Breweries is the perfect book for you. You can learn about the history and cultural significance of beer, all the while planning for your next vacation!

Filled with gorgeous, full-color photos and helpful spots to log your favorite beer discoveries, For the Love of Beer is sure to become your favorite happy hour companion.


Pennsylvanians have enjoyed a long, rich love affair with beer. The state not only ranks first in the nation for the number of barrels produced but the breweries, beer, and their craftsmen all have interesting stories to tell. This book examines Pennsylvania’s brewing history, geography, and cultural richness while highlighting over 100 of the states thriving craft breweries. It explains some of the enjoyable stories and local legends behind the naming of beers, while detailing the unique buildings and architectural treasures that contribute to the renovation of urban areas and revival of small communities.

Short descriptions of each brewery provide the reader with an understanding of which brewers use local hops, fruits, and grains in their recipes and how proceeds support local rail trails, waterways, animals shelters, and community events. From long-lasting breweries that survived Prohibition to the most recent openings with upscale food and cutting edge technology, this book describes how craft breweries in Pennsylvania have something to offer everyone.

Set out on the road and record your visit to each brewery and enjoy first-hand facts about local breweries with someone who lives, works, and studies this fascinating and dynamic industry.

For the Love of Beer: Pennsylvania’s Breweries is available on Amazon for $24.95, both paperback and Kindle editions.


Alison Feeney is a professor in the Geography and Earth Science Department at Shippensburg University. She earned B. A. degrees in both history and geography from the University of Connecticut, a M.S from Portland State University, and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University. She truly loves to blend work with pleasure as she travels around Pennsylvania to research breweries. When she is not working she enjoys time with her friends and family riding bikes, playing tennis, snowboarding, kayaking, and learning to sail. Her passion for coral reefs leads her on several trips to the Caribbean each year to scuba dive and kill invasive lionfish.

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