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Social Media Savvy

It’s unsurprising that most authors see social media as an item that is far down on their list of to-dos for developing their book’s success. But in this technological day and age, they should consider bumping it up to one of the top spots of importance!

While trying to tackle social media may seem like a huge battle, time and practice will help to increase your confidence in your online presence as an author. To help jumpstart your social media awareness, we’ve compiled some how-to tips to really reach your audience and your goals.

Social media connects you with readers from all around the world. Take a second to think about how often you personally search Google––now multiply that by 8 billion. That’s how often readers could potentially be exposed to your book. An author’s social media has the potential to open so many doors and allow you to create the precise image and branding you want to convey at the click of a mouse.

Social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram create platforms for you to maximize your book’s full potential. Explore online reading groups, virtual book clubs, and pages related to your genre. They are often a good “foot in the door” for networking opportunities, and you’d be surprised at how many are out there!

While it’s important that your platforms relay information about your book and your author events, it’s equally important that you diversify your content. By letting a bit of your non-author self shine through, you’re allowing your fans and readers to see the human behind the pages. Human connections are what social media is all about; be wary of letting your platforms slip into static, uninspired branding and advertisements.

Believe it or not, about 70-80% of the content on your social accounts should about your everyday life. Make it personal (within reason, of course). Share content that’s relevant, relatable, and funny––memes are an easy and well-established way to do this. Try to always stay upbeat and maintain a friendly online presence. Avoid posting things like your political opinions, drama with family or friends, and anything that could project controversy.

You also need to make sure your accounts are kept up to date. This is going to be your main key to keeping your social media success. There is nothing worse for viewers to see when they click on your page than to see you haven’t posted in over 4 months. Status updates about where you are in the publishing process every two weeks might seem like prime content. But think about the unbelievably vast amount of content from hundreds, if not thousands, of other accounts your readers encounter on a daily basis. You need to stay the course and make sure you’re posting in a timely manner to ensure your followers remember you exist! You’re there to connect… so connect!

Social media can easily seem overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’ve never used it before. But these platforms are made to be user-friendly and extremely intuitive. With a little practice and perseverance, what may have once seemed daunting could quickly become your greatest weapon in the struggle to achieving best-seller status!

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