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Setting Sail with the ‘Seawitch’

By Katie Cline


The sea holds many mysteries for those who venture into its crashing, unforgiving waves. Impossible to tame, the ocean leaves those who attempt to come away from it with harrowing stories to tell. Fishermen spend most of their lives on the open water and know it better than most.

Captain Robert Singleton and his crew have more stories and mysteries to share than the average crew. Those who worked aboard the ‘Seawitch’ were among the first women to work a professional charter fishing vessel on Cape Cod Bay.

“Dolphins in the Fire” is a baker’s dozen of events, a salty hodge-podge of real events plucked from the pages of logbooks from the ‘Seawitch’ over 40 years. Alongside Captain Singleton, the women of the ‘Seawitch” experienced everything from wild tuna chases to dire search-and-rescue missions after out-of-control storms and taming spoiled children.

Filled with salty yarns of perseverance, hilarity, and adventure, the stories recorded in the ‘Seawitch’ logbooks are sure to entice seafarer and landlubber alike.

Set sail with the crew of the ‘Seawitch’ and submerge yourself in the stories inDolphins in the Fire: A Story of Young Women at Sea.

The ebook of Dolphins in the Fire: A Story of Young Women at Sea is available on Amazon for only 99¢!

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