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Selling with Amazon Advertising

By Danielle Lieneman

Amazon Advertizing

Amazon sales are critical to making any book as successful as it can be. A key factor to establishing dominance within a book’s category on Amazon is through Amazon Advertising.

Amazon Advertising allows Atlantic Publishing to run book-specific campaigns that deliver ads to customers based either on their interests (using keywords) or on specific products they’re viewing (competing books). For example, we might target consumers who are interested in purchasing a gardening book with “books about gardening” or target those checking out the bestselling gardening book on Amazon (a competing book). Amazon then displays the ads on specific product pages.

  1. Amazon Advertising offers advertising solutions for keyword-targeted book ad campaigns.

  2. We are only charged when shoppers click on your ads, so Amazon is only rewarded for effective advertising. This offers authors and publishers greater control over their marketing spending.

  3. Amazon Advertising is instrumental in raising the discoverability of your book on Amazon.

  4. We can display your ad as a Sponsored Product Ad or Product Display Ad. Different types of books might require a different combination of ads.

  5. Sponsored Product Ads use targeted ads to give more control over product merchandising on Amazon by boosting the visibility of your book when shoppers search for similar keywords that we bid on.

  6. Product Display Ads appear on the side or bottom of search results pages, as well as on related product pages.

  7. Depending on the type of ads chosen for a campaign, your ads can appear on a desktop, tablet, and mobile device, on multiple Amazon departments, and even on external sites outside of Amazon.

  8. Marketing campaigns within Amazon Advertising include access to performance data, so we can pinpoint where and why your ads are performing the way they are. This allows us to continually adjust your ad for an improved performance.

  9. When combined with basic A+ content, marketing with Amazon Advertising creates a powerful one-two punch by promoting relevancy for organic searches.

Because of the success we have seen on Amazon Advertising in the last two years, we think it is a vital component to any marketing plan.

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