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Salvaging Civilization: Uniting America with Christian Values

By now most Americans realize that our Republic is in crisis, countered by Donald Trump and 74 million voters. The challenge is (1) comprehending the danger; (2) identifying what is necessary to reverse it; and (3) providing effective plans to accomplish that goal. Those answers are the theme of this book.

How will we unite? Our Republic is rooted in Christian values but Christians are declining in America; many are atheists or in-between. From theology, Dr. Mike explains that atheists and Christians are essentially compatible, everyone united by common values.

Dr. Mike refutes the obsession with racism and slavery, quoting the slaves themselves. He proves that Jefferson and the founders of the Republic were their heroes, not oppressors.

He then exposes the dysfunction and irrationality of communism and reveals how it has permeated America. Drawing from scripture, he contrasts communism with universal values that can restore our civilized way of life.

Most important, then he outlines plans to salvage civilization and our Republic. This is a call to action.

About the Author

At a young age, Dr. Edward Mike determined to dedicate his life to promote Christian values as a Catholic priest. Following four years studying languages and philosophy, he was chosen to be among a small group of American seminarians who are selected annually to live at the North American College in Rome and study at the renowned Pontificia Università Gregoriana, taught by the top Jesuit theologians.

But he was traumatized to discover that the Vatican is a corrupt business with little in common with the Christian values he had dedicated his life to promote. The idealists in the group banded together to survive emotionally. He graduated with honors and strove to be an exemplary Christian, serving his fellow man.

As a parish priest, beside typical church duties, he became a much sought-after counselor of the parishioners, with referrals from attorneys and physicians as well. Fluent in Spanish, in the summer he ministered to the (legal) Mexican migrant farm workers who flooded northern Michigan to harvest cherries and other crops. He was the court translator and said Mass in barns.

Increasingly, Dr. Mike's values clashed with church practices until he concluded that, to maintain his integrity, he had to move away from organized religion. His success as a counselor led him to a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and he was soon in great demand as a psychotherapist.

Recently, responding to the need of a rural hospital for a neuropsychologist, he was soon in great demand to provide physicians in a wide catchment area with neuropsychological assessment, primarily of patients brain-damaged in accidents or suspected of dementia.

Dr. Mike lives with his marvelous wife in Michigan and the couple has two daughters.

Salvaging Civilization: Uniting America with Christian Values is now available in both eBook and paperback formats.

Order your copy today!

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