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Rhonda Hengst

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of our Authors, Rhonda Hengst this week. Her inspirational book about her journey with multiple sclerosis and how God has helped her find strength and purpose in her mission to share her story with those whom it may inspire.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer. 

  • I was told by God I needed to speak to women and encourage them by sharing what I had learned on my life journey with multiple sclerosis-so I wrote a speech, then my husband told me that God told him I needed to write a book, so bye-bye speaking! I wrote a book!😊 The speech is why and when I started writing. I never had any thought or desire to become an author. It just sort of happened! I like the time I get to spend with God while I write.

What was the main inspiration behind this book?

  • My love and respect for God is probably my main inspiration.

What kind of research did you have to do for it?

  • No research was needed...I take that back, I did search for various verses that applied to particular situations for my medicine that God helped me write.

What was your writing routine?

  • My writing routine was I wrote in the morning. I had the most energy then and the thoughts that came the previous night were still fresh in my mind. I actually couldn’t wait to get up and write.

Describe your book in one sentence. 

  • This book hopefully encourages and inspires one to find happiness and seek God!

Tell us about the best writing advice you've ever received.

  • To be honest and write from the heart.

When you're not writing, what can we find you doing?

  • When I’m not by the computer writing you usually find me sitting in my recliner with the tv on. Looking around the room looking for something I can rearrange.

Do you have any upcoming events?

  • At the moment, no.

Tell us something about you that your fans may not know or something you want to share. 

  • I feel people get to know me in the book and I was vulnerable enough but something I don’t think I mentioned and that I will share is I love to decorate. When I was able, my husband would say he never knew where to sit because I was always moving the furniture! Oh but it didn’t stop there, I would rearrange the pictures on the wall also, I kept the plaster close and I was Wonder Woman with the hammer and nails!

Why should readers purchase your book?

  • Readers should purchase my book because it may encourage or inspire them in a world that’s full of pain with evil all around and getting worse every day! We need God - we SO need the Bible in this world. People need to open their eyes and recognize the evil persistence that is doing whatever to keep us from that God. I want readers to know that even though the enemy will roar its ugly head - the devil does think it’s a lion and doesn’t stop - We need to remember this life is temporary and Heaven is forever! God’s arms are open wide with love to give that’s incredible. Someone may not be at the same place spiritually or agree with my opinions but a person can always be encouraged. So yes not just read but purchase my book (I was struggling with the price and God woke me up one night and reminded me that Atlantic Publishing is donating a portion of its profits to animal shelters and individuals in need) so please buy my book, we all love our pets! Okay I’m a talker and I ramble but I’m not sorry, I am who I am. It seems every time I put the tv on, I hear someone wrote a book, oh good grief, read mine, be my friend, be with me on my journey and hopefully have a few laughs and if you didn’t already choose God. Keep your eyes on Jesus and keep believing!

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