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Reading the Ratings: Amazon Verified Reviews

For many of us, Amazon has become the go-to place to buy everything from dog toys to light bulbs and everything in-between. There are so many options available and you’ll get exactly what you want delivered straight to your door! That alone is one of the greatest miracles of our modern world. While Amazon’s many options are definitely a plus, it can also be a downside for authors trying to sell copies of their books.

When there are too many options, it is easy for consumers to become overwhelmed and to stop looking once they get to the second or third page of results. The top books are almost always the best sellers that show up on lists such as The New York Times Best Seller list, the ones receiving the most press. So how can your book gain publicity against these giants?

Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

Above is an example of a verified review

Amazon has always allowed consumers to rate and review items in their online store, providing future buyers to take in differing opinions before going through with a purchase. In the past this was a great system, but now the internet is a different place and there are many who like to leave fake reviews on products that they may have never even purchased themselves.

In 2016, Amazon decided to make the review process a little more high tech. Fake reviewers are still going strong, but they aren’t the ones making a mark. When a consumer has purchased an item they are given the opportunity to rate and review their purchase. Once it has been submitted, this review is marked as an “Amazon Verified Purchase.” When other customers are searching for a new book, seeing reviews that have been verified by Amazon gives them reassurance that they can genuinely trust the comments that have been written.

Reviews Can Help You!

Getting good reviews on your new book is important. Getting good reviews that are also Amazon Verified Purchases is even more important! It’s easy enough to add your book to Amazon’s online store, but how will anyone find it?

Here are a few simple ways to increase the number of reviews on your book:

1. Send out press releases to local media (newspapers, magazines) and offer to send them a copy of your book for them to review.

2. Send copies of your book to people who work in a field related to your book. For example, if your book is about Impressionist Art, find art history professors and art museum curators who may be interested in leaving you a positive review.

3. Send copies to your friends and relatives! No one loves to help us more than the people we know best. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help; it won’t be obvious that they know you personally unless they mistakenly write you a heartfelt letter instead of a review.

Over the past few years, Amazon has improved their methods in order to help authors like you! With Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews, it has become even easier for books from smaller publishers to succeed. Here at Atlantic Publishing, we want all of our authors to reach great heights in their writing careers. So make the most of the review process and give your fellow authors a great review!

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