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Pursuing A Successful Mindset

Contrary to popular belief, achieving success doesn’t just happen overnight. In order to truly succeed it takes time, effort, and dedication to pursue your ultimate goal.

Pursuing a Successful Mindset: 22 Attributes That Every Aspiring or Current Entrepreneur Must Master in Order to Achieve Success! follows the personal experiences of Alfred Drum as he shares how he has navigated the ups and downs of life. After finding success in construction and real estate, he settled on 22 attributes to help others change their mindsets and achieve success in their own lives. Beginning with having a vision to work for, entrepreneurs must be teachable, decisive, and focused in order to achieve their goal. Once success has been reached, they must also remain accountable and humble.

Filled with tips for achieving success, whether at home or at work, this book takes a healthy, positive look at personal growth. The first steps in any new endeavor are always the hardest, but following them one at a time is sure to lead you down the road to great success.

About the Author

Alfred grew up on a small cattle ranch in Northern California where he learned the importance of hard work and self-motivation. He also grew up in a very religious, yet economically modest, home where he was taught not only integrity and moral cleanliness, but also how to be thrifty and conservative with money. As a youth and young adult, Alfred received many opportunities to be a leader and to invest his own money, mostly in the cattle business because that was what he knew growing up. But when he failed to make it financially in the cattle business, he had to let go of some of his old ways of thinking, be willing to try new things, and open his mind to other business ideas and opportunities. That's when he was introduced into the world of real estate investing, a world which he knew very little of at the time.

About the time Alfred got out of the cattle business and was forced to get a regular job, the real estate crash of 2008 was taking place, and, suddenly, single family housing was very affordable, and foreclosures opened the door for anyone looking to invest money in real estate to get some fantastic deals. He was lucky enough to eventually jump at the opportunity himself, and through a lot of study and trial and error, he was able to build a very successful business in just 9 years. He started with very little but was able to leverage himself through intelligent loans and effective partnerships that helped him to build a successful real estate business in a short period of time. But it was his past experiences and the mindset he had to learn to develop overtime that prepared Alfred to have the ability to see an opportunity and make the most of it.

At the age of 36, he currently owns over a dozen multifamily properties, which include apartments and trailer parks, and continues to flip 7 or 8 single-family homes per year. He hopes to continue building his real estate business for years to come, but also desires to be an inspiration to others looking to better their own lives by teaching them through his writings. He feels it is his obligation to pass on what he has learned to the rising generation or anyone looking to be successful in their own life or business pursuits.

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