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Pre-Orders: What You Need to Know

Is there anything better than receiving packages in the mail? When it comes to book mail, we agree that there is nothing quite like it. In this post, we’re going to discuss the pre-ordering process and how it can affect your overall book sales.

The Basics

Pre-ordering a book simply means that the reader has purchased a copy of a book before the publication date. This means that even though they’ve already paid for the book, they won’t receive a copy of it until the day it is released. Though this may seem a little unusual, it can be an exciting surprise to receive a book in the mail once it’s finally released!

In this digital age, it can also mean that readers can purchase the electronic version of the book in advance, sometimes for a discounted price. As there is no physical book involved, readers can instantly download a digital copy of the book to read on their iPad, Kindle, or another e-reader of their choice.

Amazon Reviews

As one of the major booksellers today, Amazon is the place where authors need to make their mark. By providing readers with the opportunity to pre-order books, they will be some of the first people to receive physical copies of your book!

For those who choose to buy the digital version of the book, they will be given the opportunity to leave a rating and review before the physical book has even been released. This is kind of a big deal, especially for new and unknown authors.

Amazon’s ranking system allows new and unknown authors to climb the ranks quickly, purely based on reviews written by readers. This is why it is so important to make it known to family, friends, and social media followers that your book is available to pre-order. The reviews they leave on Amazon could greatly affect your ongoing book sales, as they will provide future readers with outside opinions on the book and determine whether they Add to Cart or move on to something else.

As you can see, book pre-ordering is a fairly straightforward process that can make a huge impact on your success as an author. If you have any questions or concerns about the process that weren’t already addressed, please feel free to reach out to Atlantic Publishing. We’re here to get your book on the right track moving forward.

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